A Voice for the Animals…By Jeanie Tapp

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A Voice for the Animals

By Jeanie Tapp

I recently watched some enlightening videos posted on YouTube, on the “Sustainable Human” channel about the scientific discovery of Trophic Cascades. The first video, called “How Wolves Change Rivers” was about the ecological process scientists noticed after the reintroduction of wolves to Yellow Stone National Park.  The other video “How Whales Change Climate” showed the Trophic Cascade effects of whales reach from deep within the oceans and extend all the way out changing our climate.

These powerful videos show just how intricately connected all Life on Earth is and how Divinely instrumented the circle of Life really is.  Life is infinitely changing.  We are all going through varying degrees of the ascension process.  As the earth changes, life will have to adapt in order to survive. I read a heartbreaking article about how polar bears are starving to death due to the lack of sea ice on which to hunt seals.  The climate has changed so much, the earth no longer supports their natural way of life.  Natural evolution will occur.  Humans must do what they can to help restore balance to this process. Ultimately we need to remember that animals are spiritual, energetic beings with their own soul path journey.  They have their own blueprints and soul contracts they are living out on Earth.  When an Animal leave the physical realm, it is not the end.  Life continues and the journey moves into next realm of existence.

Wild Animals:

If you watched the video you saw just how important the roles Animals in the wild play in the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem.  Some animals in the wild choose to bring us messages about the changes occurring in Nature.  Sometimes they show themselves just to remind us of their existence.  This Green Sea Turtle popped up to say hello just as a photo was being taken.


Photo courtesy of Diuvs de Jesus, Adventures ni Kulot

“We were posing for a group photo at Apo Island when this sea turtle surfaced to breathe and photo-bombed! This shallow area in Apo Island, Negros Oriental,Philippines is a feeding ground for sea turtles. Just like what my friend Genesis said, this is a reminder that humans and creatures like this gentle pawikan can co-exist.Did you know that?Green sea turtles are “endangered” and it is illegal to collect, harm, or kill them.Apo Island in the Philippines is one of the world’s best known community-managed Marine Protected Area.”  by Diovanie de Jesus

That community’s efforts in managing the Marine Protected Area is getting it right and could be a standard for other areas to follow.  All brought to light by this one turtle’s adorable “photobomb!”

Domestic Companion Animals:

Companion Animals are most directly responsible for the human awareness of animal intelligence. By choosing to align themselves with people they have successfully demonstrated that animals are intelligent, loving beings with Divinely appointed roles here on Earth. The partnership humans have with animals is a very deeply spiritual partnership. The animals that have come into our own lives are not just there by chance.  All Animals have a Higher Soul purpose just like each of us.  They work out their own challenges often similar to challenges we are going through ourselves.  I have noticed my own animal companions each have their own special gifts that contribute to the dynamic of our family and have become members of the family themselves.

Years ago I had a beautiful Maine-Coon cat. He was a tiny kitten when I brought him home. He was the runt of the litter so I named him Wilbur.  He had the amazing ability to sense when he was needed.  When ever anyone in the family was hurt or sad he would find them and allow them to cry into his fur. He would purr his deep healing purr that brought peace to your heart and filled you with Love.  He was a member of our family for 16 years.


Maine Coon image found online, source unknown.

Our companion animals help us to ground our energy. They comfort us when we are sad. They make us laugh and fill our hearts with joy while reminding us of the importance of play.  They have attitudes and personalities and communicate with their own sounds, body language and style. They assume roles as members of the family.  Some even step into the roles of protectors and energetic messengers.

Medicine or Spirit Animals:

Some Animals have chosen to be Spirit Animal Guides helping both Animals and People as messengers and guides from the Divine.

Several years ago, I was on vacation up in the mountains.  I was sitting alone on a hillside watching some deer moving through a ravine below me.  I suddenly had the unmistakable sense that my life was in danger.  You know the feeling… the one that makes all the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck.  I knew that I had to move quickly but I didn’t know which way to go.  I quickly sent out a prayer asking the Divine for guidance.  “Which way should I move?” No sooner had I offered up my request for help than a Great Owl flew over my head, gliding silently through the air down into the ravine. I heard in my thoughts, “Follow the Owl.”
I jumped up and ran down the hill following the path of the Owl until I felt safe below in the trees.  The Owl was huge with a wing span that was easily as wide as I was tall.  He just disappeared into the trees once I was safe.  (It was deer hunting season and I must have been in the line of fire of someone’s rifle.)


Photo by Jim Neiger
The Animals have been living along side and even working with people all through out the ages. Wild animals still bring us messages. They still show up as guides and protectors not only of humans but of other animals and even the Earth.  Be on the watch for their messages.
Reconnect with Nature and your own inner Spirit. The more balanced and centered you become the easier you will be able to notice, receive and even interpret the messages animals bring to us.The animals want us to love and respect them as intelligent beings with feelings.  They need us to understand their messages and share their messages to bring more people into awareness. We need to work with the animals to find new solutions for balanced cohabitation of the ever changing planet.You may be asking yourself how can I help the animals? Pay attention to how your companion animals communicate with you. You may be surprised at just how well you already understand each other.

If a wild animal places itself in a position to be noticed by humans, ask yourself what message it is bringing to you.
When you receive a message from an animal, share the message to help bring others into awareness.

If you are in a position to make a financial contribution, you can donate to the organization you most identify with like the National Wildlife Federation and many others.

You can be a voice for the Animals and for Mother Earth!

If you would like to make an energetic contribution to the Animals, please join me in activating the Golden Grid of Grace to send Love, Gratitude and Energetic Healing to all of the Animals.
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