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A Conscious place for Awakening your Intuitive gifts and Illuminating your Soul's Purpose

This is a 100% free online webinar series featuring Expert Guests covering a wide array of transformative topics.

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It's time for your Spiritual Happy Hour!

Don't you sometimes just want to belly up and listen to some of the most amazing Practitioners, Healers and Intuitives on the planet take you through grounding, transforming, and sometimes downright electrifying processes?

    Then tune in to our Spiritual Happy Hour...

  • FREE ACCESS to Experts
  • Get your QUESTIONS ANSWERED (isn't that the best?)
  • The opportunity to get a free INTUITIVE READING!
  • New techniques and methods for GROWTH and AWAKENING!
  • PRACTICAL information you can use right away for TRANSFORMATION
  • Receive SUPPORT from Heart-Centered Experts

This Discovery Series is a gift of Live Online Events by the most Heart centered Intuitives, Experts & Conscious Souls. Their Wisdom will inspire you to open your Heart, Gain a new perspective on life, Awaken, Connect, and Heal.


Our Experts are all living their truth and are ready to share their powerful, transforming, activating and healing vibrations with YOU!


We have carefully selected our Expert Speakers for their authenticity and their desire to be used by the Divine as an instrument of truth and transformation. All our speakers have the Academy for the Soul seal of approval.

We are delighted you’ve found us! Right now we make a promise to you that we will only ever feature heart-centered speakers who are committed to supporting you as a member of the Divine Conscious Community! Nobody gets to be a speaker on our show unless they are a High Vibrational match with the level of Consciousness we are honoring.

How do we know if they are a match? Oh, that's easy. The Academy for the Soul is the Online School for Intuitive Arts, started by Christel Hughes. Christel is known as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars", famous for her lightning fast ability to tune in to a person's Higher Self, and for her accurate readings. Christel simply scans if it's a match or not. Easy :)

It is our pleasure and honor to be able to give you a small offering of some of our wonderful Experts by sharing some of their Beautiful Free Gifts with you.

It's the quality of our speakers and the information and processes they share with you that will keep you coming back each week to join us in the Academy for the Soul Discovery Series!

Sometimes we just need to be cracked wide open. That's how the light comes in — it enters through the cracks.

Join this series and connect with our Heart-
Centered Experts as they put the "Happy" back in "Happy Hour"!

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When you join the Academy for the Soul Community, you receive the following:

  • A wonderful collection of free welcome gifts

  • The Expert Guest Lineup list

  • Full details on how to dial in, listen via the web, and ask your question!

  • Replays in case you miss an event

  • Opportunity to own the series!


Each Expert has generously provided a wonderful Welcome Gift as a Thank You for signing up. We trust they will be a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit.


Christel Hughes

Christel Hughes

Founder, Academy for the Soul

Ian Shelley

Ian Shelley

Academy Discovery Series
Producer and Host

Join us, and we’ll see you on the calls!

Join this real & refreshing series