The Academy for the Soul is the next step for people who are feeling that there is something more to their life. Maybe you have a nagging feeling that just won’t go away, or maybe you have reached a point where you know the Universe is calling you for a Greater Purpose. You may feel like you have a special gift that you’d love to share with the world; you may feel like you’d like to help make the world a better place; you may feel you can make a difference in people’s lives by helping them in some way.

Mostly, there are 5 types of people who take our programs and go through the Academy.

Those who:

  • Seek a deeper understanding of how to work with energy and become more in alignment with their Higher Selves
  • Wish to learn more about spirituality, and are looking to be part of a supportive, loving community
  • Already know that they have been blessed with gifts, yet are unsure of what to do next
  • Wish to open up an authentic, heart-centered business or practice, grounded in spiritual practices
  • Already have a heart-centered business or practice, yet it is sluggish and in need of an infusion of inspiration and creativity to take it to the next level of abundance

Whatever your reason, we have a place for you. But since we work so closely with you during your journey, many times you rediscover yourself or your purpose along the way, and the way you look to things changes. There is a path and a sequence for our programs, since they are progressive and you will use the techniques you learn and master in each subsequent program.

Academy Level 1
Gateway to Wholeness

Open your Intuitive gifts & Discover your Brilliant Path to your Purpose

Featuring: The Integrative Soul Technology Process

The Academy provides structure and support for people to connect with their Higher Selves as they seek a deeper and more meaningful connection with the Divine. Gateway to Wholeness is a complete program, yet is also the Level 1 program for people who feel guided to move through the Academy and ultimately graduate as an ‘Academy Master Teacher’.

In Gateway to Wholeness, you will be introduced to the Integrative Soul Technology process. Gateway to Wholeness allows you to understand Personas and how they work… uncovering the hidden agendas of your personas. In understanding how you perceive your own fractured off parts, you gain power to transform them into alignment. You begin recognizing your power to immediately choose how you want to be and express yourself in life.

Gateway to Wholeness includes the following:

  • Energy labs
  • Intuitive Readings/Q&A calls with questions answered personally by Christel
  • Integrative Soul Technology e-book
  • Guided journeys and processes
  • Integrations of personas during Energy Labs and readings
  • Comprehensive instructional PDF & video series

Here’s what people are saying…

  • If you are ready to step through the doorway to the rest of your life, Gateway to Wholeness is for you! I said ‘yes’ to Gateway and my life was forever changed for the better. I cannot even begin to describe the profound gratitude I have for all the internal clutter it allowed me (and still allows me) to clear! Thank you Christel!

    Deb Regan, CHHCCertified Intuitive Strategist
  • I was hesitant to purchase the Gateway to Wholeness package, but it has become the very thing that I needed to heal my soul and launch my Coaching practice to a new level. Not only do I have my healing, but I have a new skill to offer my clients. I continue to stay in contact with the people that I met in Gateway to Wholeness, and they are a support system to this day. The investment was worth it, and it is still paying off on many

    Leslie A. Butler, MA, CPCCertified Professional Coach