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The Academy for the Soul community is a supportive and caring community of people who care about each other, spiritual evolution, and living our lives as a conduit of Truth for the Divine. Sit back, relax, listen in, and prepare to hear some incredible stuff from some incredibly amazing souls.

Listen in to authentic speakers on a wide array of topics spanning many areas of interest. Not only will you be able to listen in for free, but our speakers will also take live calls and answer questions, giving you an opportunity to have your questions answered!

Many times, your hosts will take you through powerful activations, processes, and meditations. THIS IS LIVE RADIO!

  • Topics you don’t hear every day!
  • Deep and profound activations, processes and meditations
  • An opportunity to have your questions answered
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Deb Regan Love Notes PDF cover reduced copySign up free gift #1:
PDF: Love notes from your space

Deb Regan can talk to spaces. Yep, it’s true. You will find out all about this interesting topic during the Radio Show. In this free gift to you, Deb shares some Love notes from your space to you.

Om for LynneSign up free gift #2:
MP3: Sounding the OM

Lynne Chown has been gifted with the unique ability being able to communicate the with Devas and Elementals. In this MP3, Lynne takes you on a journey to the sacred sound of creation, the sound of OM.

Glowing-background-with-flowers-and-starsSign up free gift #3:
MP3: Love Poem

This is a beautiful poem, written and read by Audrey Gardner. Audrey is known as “Oracle Breathing Light”. As you listen to this poem, you will be deeply moved, and your heart will open. Yours to keep, available as an MP3 download.

Yoga lotus pose. Padmasana with colored chakra points

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MP3: Meditation

Sandra Woods is also one of our Academy Master Teachers, and Sandra has some amazing Reiki energy to share with you. But don’t expect the usual Reiki, Sandra has been gifted something extraordinary. Sandra is also an expert of sorts on meditation, and in this MP3, she shares one of those meditations with you.

Quantum QuickiesSign up free gift #5:
PDF: Quantum Quickies

Christel Hughes is the founder of Academy for the Soul. She was put on this planet to shine light into the world, and she will tell you that Academy for the Soul is not hers, it is the Divine’s. Please enjoy her ‘Quantum Quickies’, as a free gift to you.

Cozy up and listen to our Intuitive heart-centered speakers discuss some really interesting topics. Intuition…Devas…Animal communicating…Divine Love…The space around us…Aura readings…Light Body readings…and so much more!

All our speakers share the common purpose of spreading their light and offering their gifts to others. Ask your questions, and get them answered.THIS IS LIVE RADIO!

Listen To Our Radio Show For Free!

Just enter your name and e-mail to get notified of new shows in advance!

We value your privacy and would never spam you