Intuitive Strategist Certification

Upon graduation as an Intuitive Strategist, you receive your certificate and are authorized to operate as an Intuitive Strategist practitioner. This certification entitles you to perform the Integrative Soul Technology process on clients.

Academy BadgeBenefits of becoming an Intuitive Strategist:
  • Become part of a caring, connected community
  • Offering a certified process to clients
  • Able to charge premium rates for your services

As a graduated Academy member, you also have the opportunity to become part of the Academy Faculty, and an Academy Master Teacher.

Benefits of becoming an Academy Master Teacher:
  • Potential to host your own show on the Academy Radio Show
  • Becoming an Academy Mentor to students
  • Receive exposure and leverage Academy platforms
  • Receiving client referrals from the Academy
  • Assisting with the Academy Level 2 and 3 retreats
  • Having your sessions promoted by the Academy
  • Being promoted by the Academy to appear on telesummits, if that’s your path
  • Being promoted by the Academy on multiple social media platforms
  • Positioned on multiple platforms
  • Potential to be featured as bonus items on packages offered by the Academy
  • Featured as a practitioner on the Academy Association
  • Potential speaking engagements

Not quite ready for the Academy yet? Feel free to contact us, or you can start with these other foundational programs.

Start here:

Emotional Security System

Reclaiming your Lost Energy…Creating Emotional Stability, Wholeness & Healthy Boundaries.

One of the best and easiest things that helped me was learning how to quickly clear everyone else’s energy out of my space. It is so awesome to be able to keep my energetic space clean and clear. Thank you to my mentor Christel for teaching me that. Christel, every Empath needs your ESS & EMS & EMM series!

Rachel — New Zealand

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Energetic Management System

No frills or fluff, to the point, condensed how-to processes. Everything you need to transform yourself quickly and easily. It has all you need to Master your Energy and Master your State.

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Wisdom Path Ascension

The Wisdom Path Ascension Program will assist you in Activating your Heart, Opening to Heightened Awareness and have you move into Pure Awareness with Clarity and Determination.

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higher-self-cd (1)

Awaken to Your Higher Self

Awaken to Your Higher Self will support you in understanding which energies are moving into your reality, experience and field so that you can embrace and embody the True You!

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Having completed Christel Hughes’s Course “Awaken to your higher Self”, I felt ready to move forward, find out more about myself and continue the healing process that had begun. Christel’s course, ‘’Gateway to Wholeness”, offered so much, each week offering an opportunity to release personas and the Q&As provided great feedback. Christel was so generous with her time, making sure everyone’s question was answered. These Q & As, not only provided an answer to my questions but I learnt so much from listening to all the other participants’ questions and answers.

The course provides a lot of written information, exercises and videos, which made learning easy and fun.

Thanks for a wonderful experience, allowing me to learn, grow and heal, as I journeyed from Separation Consciousness to Unity Consciousness.

Vicki StandishNatural Health & Wellness Practitioner