Our wonderful Practitioners & Academy Master Teachers

One of the benefits of going through the Academy for the Soul is being featured on the Academy platforms — one of which being our website. All of the Beautiful Souls you see below have gone through the Academy and are now here to offer their incredibly Powerful, Healing and Restorative gifts and services to you.
Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the “Spiritual Trainer to the Stars”, specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel is the founder of the ‘The Academy for the Soul’, known as the ‘Online School for Intuitive Arts’. Christel’s purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work.

I tune in to your Higher Self and channel the Truth that is coming through, so that you can clear blockages and be set free from that which is holding you back from living as your Higher Self. This session will help you clear out past pain and blockages to make room for you to create what you deeply desire. I am known for my gift of near 100% accuracy in being able to “see” the reasons for blockages — both from the past and from the present — and also receive messages showing how your future can shaped if the work is done to address the issues that are being shown to me.

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The Intuitive Assessment is a template that tells you about your dynamic energetic constitution and how you specifically and uniquely flow energy. We determine on our phone session how you are set up to receive information from your Higher Self. This understanding makes a huge difference in the quality of your intuition – your level of clarity and certainty with your channeling abilities. If you do not understand when/how your Higher Self connects with you, then it will make it difficult for you to discern the difference between your intuition and your lower self voice. Knowing how you flow energy equals a more fulfilling life because you have the confidence it takes to make Powerful choices.

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Christel Hughes

This is a private one – on – one session that will prepare your energy field to receive your purpose work downloads. Metatron’s Cube will become a primary tool for releasing calcified energy that’s accumulated on your Pineal Gland (3rd eye).

Your specific future vision / vibrations will be downloaded into your energy field so you can align your Light body to ‘live into your future.’ This process will energize, futurize and evolutionize your energy body to come into greater levels of Love, Compassion, Oneness and Unity.

For 30 minutes we will go deep into the 5th dimension. Accessing the Divine Future portal with Metatron’s invocation, I’ll call forth your personal purpose work vibrational downloads. Using Metatron’s cube we’ll navigate the inner elements of your aura and recondition your energy field to align with your Light body, activate codes, and infuse your Future LifeLines for Love, Compassion, Oneness and Unity. Know and Embody your Highest Potential as your Sovereign Self.

Session price: $300

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This is a private one – on – one session that will prepare your central channel and heart field to accept the High level vibrations of the Infinite Source Light Codes and Secret Love signals of the Universe.

Building the primary Bridge of Light for Illumination that supports your connection with your Soul and the Divine Infinite Intelligence. This opens your channel for receptivity and increases your magnetic capacity to attract.

For 30 minutes we will go deep into the 5th dimension, accessing the Stellar Gateway with Archangel Metatron’s invocation. I’ll call forth your personal Ultimate Soul Love template to be downloaded.

We will create a hologram of your ideal Self-Love embodiment and using Metatron’s cube will dismantle the protective mechanisms that are blocking your Heart from full capacity co-creation.

Session price: $292

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What people are saying

I just wanted to share my experience – absolutely amazing. My eyes were closed, and the room lit up. I saw a light show that resembled the Aurora Borealis. Towards the end, I saw what appeared to be the all seeing eye and masonic symbol, along with divine father, mother, angel wings.

~ PW

I’ll personally work with your chakras, the energy centers that create your life experience from the higher realms — and open your Sacred portals of Abundance.

I’ll attune your prosperity consciousness to the Highest levels possible. We must check your degree of receptivity and creativity in the sacral chakra. I’ll use my clairvoyant abilities to ‘see’ what the blockages are in the 3 key dimensions that could potentially render you penniless or stunt your abundance flow. We’ll clear the karmic channels in your Crown chakra and eliminate debt consciousness for good which comes out of the fear of abandonment from the Divine.

Session price: $236

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Audrey Gardner
Audrey Gardner is a gifted Psychic Medium and Intuitive Strategist with the ability to channel clear truth, understanding, and healing energy to awaken others. Also a Master Teacher for the Academy for the Soul, Audrey specializes in helping people connect with their Higher Self through Love and Self-Acceptance.
A powerhouse of Divine and Psychic energy, Audrey taps into your highest potential and instantly shifts you out of your old habits and into alignment with your Soul Self. Audrey’s Soul Shifting alignment process will help you create a true and deep heart to soul connection that supports you in your life purpose. The Truth wants to come through, and it will come through Audrey! Audrey is also know as the ‘Soul Shifter’. A Soul Shifting session is a no-holds-barred session where Truth is channeled. Please be prepared for the Truth to come through, whether you want it to or not! There is a reason this is called “Soul Shifting’!

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Lynne Chown
Lynne Chown is a multi-faceted explorer of conscious creation, subtle energy fields, and ageless wisdom. Through her insightful findings highlighting nature’s nonphysical beings, and her co-creative manifestation meditation, she is able to guide clients and students to a new way of being conscious in the world and aligning with nature to manifest their heart’s desire. A certified Intuitive Strategist and Master Teacher for the Academy for the Soul, Lynne specializes in working with the Devas, the spirit beings responsible for animating matter, transmuting prana, building forms, and has developed a process to work directly with the Devas for manifesting within the world.
Devas function as the positive animating life in all matter. They are the builders of form and transmitters of prana. Devas are the manifestors in our partnership of co-creation. Using the power of your mind and will to hold a space for your vision or blueprint, Lynne will support you as the two of you visit energetic planes to attract form-building devas and invite them to use their life animating power to imbue your creation with life force, meaning, activity, and manifestation.

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Lynne Chown’s IST Intuitive Strategist 1 hour session

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Christine Lisio
Christine Lisio is a Spiritual Healer, Transformation Coach, and Certified Intuitive Strategist. She has received a Divine gift to work directly with Master Angelic Beings and the activation of a higher faculty tool allowing her to access truth in matter. Through her deep understanding of illness and suffering, Christine has the ability to bring forth powerful healing, truth, and wisdom to support others on their path. Christine is also a Certified Intuitive Strategist, having received extensive training at the Academy for the Soul. This training has allowed her to hone her natural ability to help her clients get to the core of their issue with laser focus and facilitate their shift to the next level.
A powerful healing with the Master Healing Angels to deeply purify, energize and balance the brain chemicals, hormonal glands and nervous system. Negative emotions, thoughts, feelings, and environmental toxins all add to imbalances in these systems. Christine has a Divine gift to work directly with the Master Healing Angels and together they have created the powerful Brain Balancing Process to support people moving forward in their growth and development.

Stress, illness, environmental toxins, residues from medication all have an effect on our brain function. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and subconscious programming are the primary drivers in the chemical and hormonal cocktails created in our brains and bodies. High vibrational chemicals created through positive thoughts and emotions cause us to be balanced, aligned, and in peace; whereas lower vibrational chemicals created through negative thoughts and emotions cause blockages, imbalances, and dysfunction in our systems. The Brain Balancing Process provides a deep cleansing, purification, and balancing in three important areas of our brain-body system: the hormonal glands, brain chemical areas, and the nervous system. People find the benefits of these sessions to be powerful and life enhancing. Christine has a Divine gift to work directly with the Master Healing Angels and together they have created the powerful Brain Balancing Process to support people moving forward in their growth and development.

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This is a powerful session where miracles can happen! In this session Christine will focus on a specific physical issue, looking for the cause in the body and provide the appropriate healing frequency. The structure of this session varies by case.

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Sharon Martin
Sharon began learning Animal Communication in 2009 by taking courses that helped her to develop this ability. In 2012 she discovered a spiritual teacher, Christel Hughes, and her Academy for the Soul and has been taking classes through the Academy ever since. These classes have helped her to further open up her intuitive gifts.

She received her Intuitive Strategist Certification from the Academy for the Soul and is now combining her skills as an Animal Communicator and a IST practitioner to adapt the Integrative Soul Technology process to working with animals.

Sharon Martin received her Intuitive Strategist Certification from the Academy For the Soul and is now using this training combined with her Animal Communication skills to offer this transformative process to animals and their people.

A persona is formed when something stressful occurs in your animal’s life that creates a need for a response to influence the situation. A part of their self breaks away, turns to the rest of the self and says: “I’ll handle this”. At that point a behavior is born. In the future, when an event happens that triggers the same feelings that occurred during that first event this part takes over saying “I know how to handle this, leave it to me”.

The IST session will lead the animal through a process that will bring this energy back into alignment with who they truly are.

This session begins with a ½ hour call with you to find where you feel the problem lies, followed by a ½ to 1 hour session with the animal and ending with a 15 minute to ½ hour call to give you an overview of the session that just occurred.

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Laura Williams
Laura Williams is a master at Overcoming overwhelm. She energetically Resets the Nervous System for Foundational Transformation at the Heart level, so others can return to Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Her love of Truth has lead her on her own journey out of overwhelm and anxiety. Laura holds a strong, compassionate space that encourages others to awaken their determined spirit and be uplifted. She uses her skills as a Certified Intuitive Strategist in Integrative Soul Technology and proficiency in many other supportive modalities to facilitate Expansion and Peace. As a wife and mother to six, Laura understands the challenges that families (especially women) face in their desire to live heart-focused lives, and she is committed to serving and guiding others into whole-being Harmony.
Laura will provide an Integrative Soul Technology (IST) session that is specifically suited for children. Personas that affect your child will be identified and integrated. A caregiver consultation and follow up is also included.

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“The Nervous System Reset transforms unhealthy, chronic cycles of ‘flight or fight’ that have been taking you out of your Life and leaving you frazzled, on edge and pushed to your limits. In this session you will deeply clear out outdated energetic baggage that blocks the pure functioning of your nervous system. You will receive a completely unique energetic reset as Laura collaborates with the Divine and your Higher Self on your behalf. You’ll soon find more Peace, Joy and Harmony within your entire body being. A wave of Peaceful relaxation is what most clients report feeling.

You will also receive the Nervous System Balance Report:
The “Nervous System Balance Report” is your first step to moving out of Overwhelm and frayed nerves and into the Life of Peace you desire. It’s a stand alone intuitive evaluation that provides transformative insights and identification of the energetic roots of your overwhelm and resulting nervous system imbalance. Laura will use her expertise and high level intuitive abilities so you will have a complete report, knowing what specifically needs shifting to allow vibrations of Peace, Joy and Harmony to consistently flow throughout your being.”

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Sandra Woods
Sandra Woods is a passionate, heart-centered leader, motivator and Reiki innovator, awakening individuals across the globe to their true gifts. She has acted as an intuitive wellness consultant for the past 20 years, supporting individuals and groups to open their gifts of healing the mind, body and soul for themselves and others. Sandra is the creator of Rock Your Reiki, an online program that supports people in being attuned at all levels of Reiki. Sandra is an Academy for the Soul Master Teacher and has created her own Reiki Master Teacher certification program for the Academy.
An Intuitive Reiki Attunement is the process by which a person receives the Reiki symbols, which allows them to open to channeling and have the ability to flow Reiki healing energy.

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45 minute Reiki Session with Reiki Master and Intuitive Strategist Sandra Woods

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Elise Harrington
Elise Harrington, P.E., is a scientific, multi-sensory intuitive, known for her “Transformational Magic”, specializing in Multi-dimensional Human Design and empowerment, fast-tracking transformation, and relationship energetics. Elise has developed new transformational and healing modalities, utilizing her extensive scientific and research background, multi-dimensional Human Design findings, and existing neuroscience and behavioral science healing techniques. Elise is an Academy Master Teacher, a Certified Intuitive Strategist, and a Certified Human Design Specialist.
Elise specializes in Multi-dimensional Human Design and empowerment, fast-tracking transformation, and relationship energetics.

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Intuitive Strategist Session, Addressing Human Design Identified Personas*, with Elise Harrington

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Angie Higle
Angie Is an Intuitive Strategist that specializes in facilitating rapid shifts in thought patterns and limiting beliefs. She is known for inspiring that “ah ha” moment that changes your perception in an instant, shifting you from a low vibrational energy to a higher energy of love, peace and joy. Propelled by her love for self-growth, it is her mission to facilitate others in their journey and share her tools and resources so that they too can live an inspired and passionate life.
With over 12 years of training Angie is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner in NLP, a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ through Advanced Neuro Dynamics and an Academy for the Soul, Intuitive Strategist graduate specializing in soul integrations of personas using the Integrative Soul Technology Process.
1 hour session with Angela Higle. Process will include Integrative Soul Technology.

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Thirty (30) minute private session to release and free yourself from the energy of your ‘Ex’ (can be anyone, not limited to your ex). When you purchase a ‘Releasing Your Ex’ session, you also receive the powerful ‘SoulMate Alchemy’ program.

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Ana Maria Vasquez
Ana Maria has been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 20 years in various areas of personal transformation. As a natural multi-sensory Intuitive Energy Tracker, an interpreter of sorts, she lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. She has a profound connection with nature & animals and specializes in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do. She is also a Certified Intuitive Strategist and serves on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul.
As a multi-sensory intuitive, Ana Maria connects to the energy and through what is shown to her in images, sounds and feelings, she sees what is going on at an energetic level and what you can do to shift that stuck energy. Remember, everything acts as mirrors for us. You never know who will show up in these sessions, sometimes it’s animals that live with you now, and even past animals and people that have transitioned. In this session, you can ask your questions and I can read the energy of the situation. Through my multi-sensory intuitive channels I can tell you what is coming through around the particular energy and give you mind management techniques to help shift the pattern present.

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Ana Maria’s signature online course that help you connect with the animals at a deeper level. Learn about the symbolism of animals and what they are trying to tell you! The animals in our lives, whether they live with us or we come across them in the wild, have messages for us. Messages to help us with everyday situations and to act as a mirror to reflect our inner landscape.

  • 6 session Animals As Messengers Live Web Course
  • Including Live Energy Readings with Ana Maria
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Amanda Hopkins
Amanda’s background and work experience in the medical field, and experience utilizing neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy provide a solid foundation upon which she can scan the physical body and corresponding energy fields to identify any energy deficiencies. She uses her intuition and draws upon the knowledge she gleaned through her Intuitive Strategist Certification training to identify steps that can support you in balancing your energy and restoring vitality where needed. She will guide you through energy shifts during the session and provide you with some actions you can take in your daily routine to support your physical well-being.
Amanda will scan the physical body and corresponding energy fields to identify any energy deficiencies. She will identify steps that can support you in balancing your energy and guide you through energy shifts to support your physical well-being.

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Empowerment IST session with Amanda Hopkins.

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Jeanie Tapp
Jeanie Tapp, ExtraSensory Medium, Intuitive and Academy for the Soul Certified Intuitive Strategist has a passion for life and supporting people around the Nation connecting with Universal energies through the Golden Grid of Grace. She is the host of ‘Golden Grid of Grace Activations’ and is Gifted with the ability to see how people are energetically connecting to the Golden Grid of Grace. Her Heart calling is for everyone to know their connection to the Divine, know they are Loved and never alone and that’s what she calls: Heart Centered Awareness. Jeanie is on a mission to inspire people to recognize they Truly are children of Divine Mother and Father. She works with people on both sides of the veil to bring Healing, Love and Joy.
Communicate with a loved one who has crossed over. In this session, Jeanie will connect with your Higher Self and your loved ones through the veil to bring Healing, Love and Joy.

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Lisa Autry
Lisa Autry
Lisa Autry is a Certified Intuitive Strategist, Academy Master Teacher, co-founder of the Academy for the Soul Association and owner of Brighten Your Business, a consulting organization. Lisa spent more than 25 years in the business world successfully leading and growing organizations using both her intuition and creativity to solve problems, bring in new initiatives and most importantly, strengthen relationships.

Today, Lisa is on a mission to support people like you to dive into their purpose work and share it with the world. She is innately connected to the spiritual world and combines her love of spirit with an inherent understanding of business to help people learn how to strengthen their own business. As a Creative Channel and Visionary, her power is to see creative ideas and possibilities for others. She can ‘see’ where their talent is and how to actualize and anchor the potential they already know they have so that they can actualize the fruits of their abilities. She gets people out of the doldrums, increases their confidence, gets them into action and Brightens Their Brilliance.

In this IST Session, Lisa will use her Creative Channel and Vision to identify blocks to revealing your hidden creative power and talent. Those blocks can then be transformed using the IST process opening you to your own possibilities.

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Albertine Phan is a Gifted Healer, ClairSentient High Level Empath, and Intuitive Strategist, and an Academy Master Teacher. She specializes in non pharmaceutical approaches to Health and WellBeing. Her unique and innovative insights from a wide range of Holistic Health modalities help her clients stay focused on the possibilities to change outdated patterns into desired outcomes. She specializes in balancing the 4 Bodies to live from the Higher Self perspective both from a philosophical and vibrational stance. Albertine believes that we have a much greater purpose than the Life we are Living day to day.
Everything that you’ve ever experienced is stored at the subtle energetic level of your body. Before words are spoken, mental/emotional feeling tones & vibrations register and fuse due to associations created. You identify that as a Point of Pain in the body and call the accumulated subtle vibrations; patterns of Emotional Behaviors.

The process in a Body Fusion Session:

  • Identifies the root cause Emotional Behavior that was registered & fused at the age it happened.
  • Loosens the tightness and opens up your channels for flow, allowing the Higher Self wisdom to come through.
  • Uses the language of “Emotional Behaviors” to steer the energies forward & toward the Higher Self activation as the Pyramid.
  • Tunes up your Life Force so it’s harmonious with the Limitless Sustainable Universal Life Force increasing your ability to Create.

If you’re experiencing physical pain & it’s been 12 weeks or more, the medical establishment considers it to be chronic.

Ultimately the Body Fusion Session and our collaborative efforts with Higher Self will Free your body from suffering & pain.

Session includes 3 PDFs, a 15 minute live (by phone or skype) follow-up 2 weeks after the session.

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